API Docs




The Locks API collection is designed to provide you with all the tools you need to manage your ARAN lock-related products within the Plus Platform. This powerful collection of APIs allows you to control and monitor your locks in real-time, providing you with unparalleled visibility and control over your lock-related products.

With this API collection, you can:

  • Remotely lock and unlock your doors
  • Monitor the status of your locks, including whether they are locked or unlocked
  • Receive real-time alerts when your locks are used
  • Control access to your locks by granting or revoking access to specific users
  • View a history of lock events, including who used the lock and when
  • Create and manage multiple lock groups, making it easy to control access to different areas within your business

Our API collection is designed to be easy to use and integrate with, with clear and concise documentation, interactive testing environment and sample code snippets to help developers quickly and easily integrate with the API.





This endpoint retrieves a list of locks in the system.

Query Parameters:

  • pagenumber: The page number of the results to retrieve. (required)
  • limit: The maximum number of results to retrieve per page. (required)
  • searchkey: A search key to filter the results by.



{ "status": 1, "msg": "", "totalCount": 2, "totalPage": 2, "currentPage": 1, "lockslist": [ { "lockuserid": 2, "lockid": "EMXXXX10", "lockname": "demo", "lock_open_status": 0, "lock_online_status": 1, "battery_level": null, "lock_ssid": "EMXXXX10", "lock_password": "j2ibxr6o", "mac_address": null, "temperature": "25", "lock_model": "ARH3EM", "online_updated_date": "2022-12-28 22:07:44", "lock_pic": "/api/uploads/product_images/lock_pic-1672245183814.jpg" } ] }
  • status: A status code indicating the success or failure of the request. 1 indicates success, and 0 indicates failure.
  • msg: A message indicating the result of the request.
  • totalCount: The total number of locks in the system.
  • totalPage: The total number of pages of results.
  • currentPage: The current page of results being returned.
  • lockslist: An array of objects representing the locks. Each object includes the following fields:
    • lockuserid: The unique identifier for the user who owns the lock.
    • lockid: The unique identifier for the lock.
    • lockname: The name of the lock.
    • lock_open_status: A boolean indicating whether the lock is open (1) or closed (0).
    • lock_online_status: A boolean indicating whether the lock is online (1) or offline (0).
    • battery_level: The battery level of the lock, if available.
    • lock_ssid: The SSID of the lock.
    • lock_password: The password for the lock.
    • mac_address: The MAC address of the lock, if available.
    • temperature: The temperature of the lock, if available.
    • lock_model: The model of the lock.
    • online_updated_date: The date and time the lock's online status was last updated.
    • lock_pic: The URL of an image of the lock.